Residents from a Coliving in Ericeira chatting on the couch

Coliving Ericeira 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Coliving is a relatively new phenomenon that is growing in popularity as people look for ways to reduce their cost of living and simplify their lives. Ericeira is a great place to try coliving as it has a relaxed coastal vibe, plenty of activities and amenities and is close to Lisbon. In this post I will list the different coliving options which exist in Ericeira and the rules and expectations for each.

In a rush?

In case you don’t have time to read it all, here is our top recommendation for Ericeira coliving 2022.

Outsite Ericeira – We love this space because it really does feel like home. The house doesn’t feel like a hotel, and guests rave about the community and how helpful the community manager is. The fact that guests all stay more than a month means you get to know people well, and the activities on offer are frequent and diverse. It is also very clean, and centrally located which means you won’t need transportation. Truely top notch!

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What is coliving?

Coliving is simply the act of sharing a living space with others. It can take many different forms, but the most common type of coliving arrangement is when a group of people rent an apartment or house together and share the living expenses. Each person has their own private space, but shares communal areas such as the kitchen, laundry room, living area and sometimes a bathroom. Coliving has lots of benefits like lower costs, more social interaction, and increased opportunities for learning and growth. It also means less waste, more efficient use of resources, and a reduced environmental impact.

Why is coliving the new fashion?

After the pandemic, acording to the New York Times, many people had to downsize. People were also dying to travel, fraternize and just enjoy other people and the world around them. Since many started working remotely from home, the opportunity to live wherever you want all while working became a reality. Coliving and coworking in a nomadic fashion is an interesting development which came about in the aftermath of Covid-19. Ericeira is now a hub for remote workers wanting to meet people, enjoy beautiful beaches and have more for less.

Coliving Ericeira 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Coliving is a great option for singles or couples who want more social interaction and want to be part of a community. There are however a few things to keep in mind.

Where to stay

There are several coliving options in Ericeira listed below. There are also several non-shared options in Ericeira that you can check out in this post on accommodation in Ericeira.


This newly renovated townhouse located in the heart of Ericeira village offers its guests the best conditions for remote working and coliving. Here you can rent a modern ensuite bedroom with beautiful views of the ocean from a fabulous rooftop deck and a separate space dedicated to remote work. Floor to ceiling windows in the common area allow guests to enjoy the view while working or socializing with other residents. A call space is also made available to keep common areas quiet during conference calls and contactless check-in is also a nice touch. Bedrooms provide a desk, as well as a closet for guest convenience. Keep in mind that although this place is very nice, it can get a little pricey if you decide to stay for more than a month.

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La Casa Atlantica

A traditional Portuguese house located near Ribeira D’Ilhas, a 15 minute walk from Ericeira village. Here you can rent an ensuite bedroom, or take a bunk or single in a 2 bed bedroom. This place has simpler accommodation, and is a surf house. They also often have yoga classes on during the day for the residents wishing to join. It also has several dedicated workspaces inside and out for its residents to use.

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Sunago House

This is a Portuguese villa which was beautifully renovated into a high-end coliving and coworking space. Located about 15 minutes drive from Ericeira village, it is a more secluded option with ample spaces to both work and relax. A huge outdoor area is available to residents, and the decoration is top-notch. Here you can rent an ensuite bedroom with a garden view. A maximum of 10 residents is permitted. There is the special perk of a gorgeous fireplace here: something to be appreciated during winter months. For the summer months, there are hammocks in the garden so you can enjoy the sea breeze while you swing. Most residents here extend their stay, and many have returned for a repeat experience since they enjoyed it so much! Highly recommended!

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This traditional house has been renovated to receive residents and has an exclusive area in a separate building for co-working which they charge extra for. The coliving space is Located a 15-minute walk from the village of Ericeira, and the light and airy spaces are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to surf and work. Here double bedrooms are available with a shared bathroom only. There are several common areas, one of which is the central courtyard between all the buildings which has a cute hot tub off to the side: although only for 2, it’s a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Lapoint Coliving and Surf Camp

This large surf camp has excellent installations and a very professional brand-new co-working area they charge extra for. It is located right above Praia de Foz do Lizandro, a 20-minute walk from Ericeira village center. Unlike most other colivings it has a restaurant, a skate bowl and a yoga shala. Since Lapoint is actually a surf camp, most people decide to work and live here by alternating surf and yoga with a few hours of work morning and afternoon. Here you can rent an ensuite bedroom, a shared bathroom bedroom, or a bunk bed in a 6-person dorm. It’s a great place to meet other surfers and surf while you work. Guests here love the international feel and the laid-back surf vibe. Oh, and the food is delicious too!

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Vila dos Irmaos

A traditional Portuguese house located near Praia de Sao Lourenzo, this great place to stay is a 15-minute drive from the Ericeira village. Here you can rent an en suite ocean view room, a smaller double bedroom, or a bunk in a 4-bed dorm. This is also a surf house with a beautiful garden, and many come here to work and surf in the north of the surf reserve. There are several designated work areas as well as a fireplace, something to look for in winter months! The guests here love how cozy the house is and how friendly and accommodating the owners are.

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Selina Boavista Ericeira Coliving

This is actually a hotel which has a coliving space with several common areas adapted for long-term stays. Selina is known for its upcycled materials and interesting, cozy decor, and its Ericeira location is no exception. You can either rent an ensuite double room, a micro room with a single bed, or a bunk in a dorm. There is an onsite pool, communal kitchen, and a hot desk with strong Wifi. Although the common areas are a little tight, the decoration is fairly upscale, and guests really enjoy the laid-back atmosphere here. The interesting thing about Selina coliving is that they sell packages allowing their guests to pay for a 1 month stay and break it up in different destinations around the world.

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Tips for choosing the right place for you

Generally speaking, the ground rules and expectations are the same in all places. The noise level is always controlled after 11 pm and before 9 am, and shared amenities such as a communal kitchen, appliances, washing machines, relaxation areas, and outdoor areas need to be kept tidy.

All of the properties listed here include house cleaning in the price of the stay, which makes things easier. All utilities, which include strong wifi, as well as sheets, towels, and other linen are also included in the price paid. Many places include a coworking space, but others request extra payment for its use. Depending on the installations, it is often worth paying a little more for the convenience. Breakfast is also often an option offered for an extra fee.

There are always many social events such as movie nights, yoga meets, bar crawls, barbecues, surf trips, parties, and community meals to make sure you get to know the other residents and enjoy your stay to the fullest. These events are the reason many people choose to stay in a coliving instead of renting a room.

Finally, it’s important to choose the right coliving arrangement for you. There are a few different setups in the suggested places, so it’s important to find one that suits your needs and interests. Some focus more on work, others on yoga or surf, and some go to great lengths to make sure you feel at home and create incredible common areas that make you want to use them! You may also want to rent a bike since several of these places are not far enough from the village to justify a car rental.

🔴 Important Tip! Make sure to notice whether the bathroom is private or shared when booking and remember that closets are not the norm in Portugal, so inquire about the type of furnishing in the bedroom. Also, most prices are for singles, so watch out for the cost of having someone over.

Coliving Ericeira: Final Thoughts

There are many coliving options available in Ericeira, so there is sure to be one that suits your needs and interests. Come and enjoy its many benefits, including lower costs, more social interaction, and increased opportunities for learning and growth all while surfing the best waves in Europe!