Laptops on a desk at a coworking space in Ericeira

Coworking Ericeira 2022: The Best Places to Work

Remote coworking is a great way to get out of your home office and mingle with other professionals. It can also be a great way to travel the world and work at the same time. Coworking spaces are popping up all over the place, and Ericeira is no exception. Many people allow themselves the luxury of working remotely and fitting their surf classes between meetings, because of the amazing new spaces now available in Ericeira. In this article, we will explore some of the best coworking Ericeira spaces .

What is coworking?

Coworking is a professional environment where people from all different backgrounds and stages of their careers can come together to work in a common physical space. It is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people and network with other professionals, or just get some peace and quiet! When you’re traveling, a coworking space can be a life saver if you are part of a group or have kids. Your accomodation can get noisy, and finding a space conducive to working can be key to getting things done more quickly.

Besides a quiet environment, coworking spaces in Ericeira have a variety of amenities that make working more enjoyable, such as kitchenettes, phone booths for private calls, and event spaces. Several spaces also offer interesting workshops, talks and networking events which create the idea of a thinktank community all joining to motivate and inspire each other to greater heights.

In Ericeira most spaces go for about 12-15 Euros per day and between 100 and 150 Euros per month. Although most places require a daily/weekly/monthly commitment, some also offer a more casual option with day passes used over a period of time. The free weekly/monthly community networking events and talks, as well as paid workshops offered by the local talent are definitely worth a look see, even if you won’t be around for long. Read on to see what to expect in each space.

Coworking Ericeira 2022: The Best Places to Work While Traveling

Below is a compilation of the best coworking spaces in Ericeira.

Salt Studios

This place is as central as it gets, and offers several options to make your time more productive. The walls are covered with beautiful soothing art to get your creative juices flowing! Members have all kinds of amenities like 24/7 access, the fastest internet, a private call and meeting room and even surfboard storage for those wanting to squeeze some waves in around meetings.

Here you can rent a private office or a dedicated desk on a monthly basis, or a hot desk on a daily, weekly or monthly plan. They even have casual packages with day passes to be used within a period of time. Meeting rooms for up to 10 people are also available. They offer standing desks, ergonomic chairs, Bosu Ball chairs, and a chill-out area to make sure you get it all done as quickly as possible!

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By The Base Coworking

The Base Coworking Ericeira Space

Centrally located in the village, this coworking space is a real gem since they capitalize on the different cultures, projects, personal goals and objectives of each member of the work community to create an environment conducive to networking and creative success. Events and classes are on offer here which make new members immediately feel welcome and valued. Their Lisbon location is obviously a larger hub with more events and participants, but Ericeira isn’t left far behind. This year they organized the first Wine and Jazz large scale outdoor festival which was a huge success! They also have expat meetups, and free monthly talks on different topics to allow members to mingle and network.

The office has hot desks, dedicated desks and private suites all available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Phone booths for making private calls, as well as a reception, virtual offices, free coffee and snacks, high speed internet are all things to look forward to here.

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By Kelp Coworking

Kelp Coworking Ericeira

This is an incredible space which brings the outside in and tries to bring equilibrium to the difficult task of entrepreneurship. The plants take over here to provide a soothing stress reducing environment for your business hours, and an incredible array of workshops and events are on offer to shake things up and make sure your ideas are leading you in the right direction. An interesting accountability meeting allows participants to create goals and motivate each other to progress towards them, and guest speakers on different topics aim to motivate and inspire.

One of the advantages here is that while they are located in the north part of the village, they are right next to a large parking lot. Since parking in Ericeira village is very close to impossible, if you’re planning on renting a car and driving to your coworking space, this is a great option for you. Here you get all the options: a hot desk in a communal area, a fixed desk in a quiet area, a large meeting room and phone booths for private calls. There is also a communal full kitchen for warming up your lunch and a great lounge area. The fabulous terrace is another perk that many members enjoy!

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Sandhi House

This space is actually a yoga studio which also provides accommodation and a coworking area. They have a very nice common area which offers fabulous views of the sea, a fireplace, fast internet and a very soothing, tranquil atmosphere, especially at sunset. The lounge mode in this space is the perfect inspiration for new projects and at 70 Euros a month it’s a steal! Daily yoga classes are also on offer: what a great way to end a day’s work! The yoga studio also organizes different types of meditative retreats and offers many types of massages.

Here you have access to the communal area for a daily, weekly or monthly price. Although you can not book the coworking area on line, payment can be made at the reception desk.

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Nomads Coworking Ericeira

This is a small space which was recently opened post pandemic. Although this space isn’t one of the most inspiring, it is located not too far from the village centre and has all the basics such as printer service, a meeting room with a projector, fast internet and individual desks. It also has a small kitchen with a microwave and fridge, a coffee machine for those coffee breaks, and a common terrace. During the school year the space is used for tutoring and student use, so is only really available as a co-working space during the summer months from June to September.
Daily, weekly or monthly rentals available or full room for large groups. If you are staying slightly out of the town center, you may find this location more convenient.

A hot desk in open plan seating is the cheapest option here.

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Ericeira Business Factory

Once the village school, this beautiful building was recently renovated to become a public incubator for up and coming businesses. If you plan on staying in Ericeira for more than just a few days, this is a great option since a great work space goes for about 50 Euros per month and allows for the use of the parking lot which is right downtown in the village center. This is the cheapest option in town and parking is at a premium, so definitely worth considering. Since this coworking space is public, you need to apply online to the municipality by proving that your small business will benefit the local economy. Since most businesses benefit the village somehow, its really not all that difficult!

Although its definitely not as stylish as some of its more expensive competitors, the location and low price definitely make the extra step worth your while.

Click here for more information on how to apply to Ericeira Business Factory.

The Library

Finally, if you’re just looking for a free spot to use the internet for a few hours, there is also a great public library upstairs in the theater building. They have an oldschool computer room, lots of desk space, and free wifi although not the fastest around. You will need to be quiet here though, so keep that in mind!

Local Cafes

If the library isn’t for you, try the local cafes. Many of them will be pleased to have you for a few hours and have excellent wifi for free. Right in town you can try Sunset Bamboo, or the Padaria Portuguesa. Both of these have indoor and outdoor seating, and offer coffee and food with strong wifi. Slightly north of the village is Quicksilver, which has a great deck with decent Poke bowls and coffee/drinks. Here you can watch the skate boarders and surfers from above. Slightly further north is 58Surf, which also has a very cool surf vibe cafe with a fabulous terrace. Here you can have a taste of the local beer while you work since they have the brewery on location. If you decide to stay on a little later, both Quicksilver and 58Surf have interesting live music events evenings and weekends.

Coworking Ericeira 2022: The Wrap-Up

All in all, there are several excellent options for coworking in Ericeira. Whether you are staying a week or a year, you’ll find a place to fit your needs to work while you play on the best waves in Europe.