Suitcase by the beach. There are lots of options to stay in Ericeira

The 19 Best Hotels: Where to stay in Ericeira 2022

Looking for a place to stay in Ericeira for your holidays? Just as there is a lot to do and see in the only World Surf Reserve in Europe, there are many boutique hotels, quaint homes and modern villas to be had. Residents and locals have also been opening up their homes to tourists since tourism started long ago. Nowadays long and short-term holiday rentals, surf camps, guesthouses, inns and even coliving houses make up most of the best places to stay. Read on to find out where to stay in Ericeira.

Buildings in Ericeira Village. There are several great places to stay at in Ericeira.

Where to Stay in Ericeira 2022

Accommodation has been divided into four categories: High End Boutique Hotels, Hotels and Inns, Holiday Rentals and Flats, and Hostals. Read on to find out where to stay in Ericeira.

What’s the best neighborhood to stay in when visiting Ericeira?

Since Ericeira receives a lot of young surfers during the summer, the nightlife can get a little loud in the center of the village. Staying slightly out of the center is always best, especially if you have young kids you don’t want woken up by the nightlife. Anything within a 15-20 minute walk from the center is ideal.

If you choose to stay a little further out, like in Praia de Foz de Lizandro or in Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas you might want to rent a car to see the sights, but be warned! Parking in Ericeira is a nightmare from March to October, and you’ll need to park on the outskirts of town and walk down to the center.

Which hotels are good for families to stay in Ericeira?

Ericeira is a very family-friendly and pet-friendly destination! Only a few places won’t allow children and many will allow pets to come along. We’ve made up quite a comprehensive list of different types of accommodation available in the immediate area. Read on to find out where to stay in Ericeira.

Where to Stay in Ericeira: High-end and Boutique Hotels

For more on this check out our post on Incredible Boutique Hotels in Ericeira.

You and TheSea is a great place to stayin Ericeira
By You and the Sea

1. You and the Sea

This beautiful space is new to Ericeira and has the most gorgeous Atlantic ocean view around. It’s location is interesting since it is slightly out of the centre, and the excellent restaurant also entices guests to sleep and eat here. The boutique hotel also offers its guests one free use of its bicycles, a great way to get into town and enjoy the local beaches. A large pool, spa and gym are on offer here, and children are welcome. Both rooms, and apartments with up to 4 bedrooms can be booked for larger groups. Prices range from 150 to 350 Euros per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at You and the Sea.

Vila Gale is a great place to stay in Ericeira
by Vila Gale

2. Vila Gale Ericeira

This iconic hotel is located right on the rocky shore in the center of town and has grown and evolved with the village over the years. It now consists of 202 rooms, most of which have Atlantic ocean views as well as an incredible structure with outdoor swimming pools, bars and a great restaurant. Although this charming hotel can only accommodate small families with 1-2 children per room, breakfast is included with all stays, and offers a Kids club and small park. Children stay and eat for free. A very nice Satsanga Spa, with indoor and outdoor pools, as well as massage, a sauna and a Turkish bath are all on offer here too. Prices range from 100 to 250 Euros per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Vila Gale Ericeira.

By Aethos Ericeira Hotel

3. Aethos Ericeira

This beautiful new boutique hotel recently opened this summer. It is very exclusive and 200 meters from the beach. Although a 15 minute drive north of the main Ericeira beaches, it is in a stunning location which truly makes it worth a visit. Even if you decide not to stay here, the view, the excellent restaurant, bar, spa and wellness centre make for a fabulous afternoon which easily slips into evening! They also offer interesting experiences like yoga classes, a Cacao ceremony, Surf lessons, picnics and wine tastings. There is something for everyone in this gorgeous space on the sea. Prices go from 195 to 500 Euros a night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Aethos Ericeira.

By Immerso Hotel

4. Immerso

Another brand new 5 star addition to Ericeira’s lush collection of boutique hotels, this one is located near Praia da Ribeira, a 15 minute drive from the village centre. The sophisticated modern decor is very soothing and most rooms have a sofabed which means a family of 4 can comfortably sleep. Although they are not located on the sea, the view of the hills and the sea will take your breath away, and combined with the incredible diversity of options offered at the spa you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Keep in mind that you will need a car to reach the location, about 15 minutes from Ericeira village. Prices range from 200 to 500 per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Immerso.

Villa Margarida Hotel, a great place to stay in Ericeira
by Villa Ana Margarida

5. Villa Ana Margarida hotel

This small hotel is located right in the centre of the village – it has a cute inner courtyard where you can have breakfast at the hotel restaurant, all surrounded by the strange quirky design created by the owner! Everything is nautically themed, and the fact that it all verges on gaudy makes it all the more interesting. Most rooms accommodate up to 3, but a family room for 4 is also available. A tiny roof top terrace, surf room where you can clean your gear, and regular hotel amenities are on offer here. Watch out for noisy nightlife here in high season. Prices range from 75 to 170 Euros per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Vila Ana Margarida Hotel.

Where to Stay in Ericeira: Guesthouses and Inns

Casa das Aguarelas, a great place to stay in Ericeira
by Casa Das Aguarelas

6. Casa das Aguarelas

This guesthouse has been around for awhile and has a quaint Portuguese touch to the decoration. Accommodation for a family of up to 4 is offered here, with the possibility of having a kitchenette for meal preparation. The old home renovated to create this guesthouse is 200 m from the sea, and about 500 m from restaurants and bars. Although there is quite a bit of movement in this part of the village, there are no nightclubs nearby, which means noise levels are tolerable in high season. Prices range from 75 to 200 Euros per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Casa das Aguarelas.

7. Ericeira Soul Guesthouse

This newly renovated property was set up in a 100 year old house! The modern soothing beige and white decor contrasts sharply with the crashing sea below to make your stay more than memorable. The courtyard holds a beautiful pool, and bar, and the breakfast area is an enjoyable covered outdoor area available to guests all day. It is located right over Praia do Pescador, right in the heart of the village. There is lots of action in this part of the village but no nightlife which means quiet nights for all. Prices range from 100 to 170 per night with a minimum of two nights.

✅ Click here to check availability at Ericeira Soul Guesthouse.

By the Beachouse

8. Surf Bed and Breakfast Beachouse

If you’re looking for a pristine place with very modern amenities and lots of space, this is the place for you! Slightly further from the village, this beautifully renovated house has very nice rooms with simple yet classy decoration. Rooms are usually for 2 but a cot and high chair are available for families with young babies. The fabulous pool, communal kitchen, beach bar, rooftop terrace, and daily breakfast are all things to look forward to here. A bike or car rental is a must here to take you between the house and the village. Prices range from 80 to 150 Euros.

✅ Click here for more information.

by Hotel WOT

9. WOT Ericeira

This hotel is a classic in Ericeira and has been around forever! It was recently renovated and offers very simple, yet clean accommodation for visitors. Rooms have a maximum capacity of 2 people, and a second room needs to be booked for family accommodation. Because of the very affordable prices, it can be considered an option, and why this hotel was included here. Very few amenities are offered, however: the best part is the location, which is central, but away from the nightlife, so not as noisy as could be expected in summer months. Prices range from 50 to 100 Euros per night.

✅ Click to check availability at WOT Ericeira.

Ericeira Camping, an excellent place to stay in Ericeira
by Ericeira Camping

10. Ericeira Camping

If you are planning to stay here in Summer months, Ericeira has a large campground 200 meters from matador beach, which offers several services and amenities to its guests. This is an interesting place to come as a family since different styles of wooden bungalows are offered for groups of up to 6 people.

Most bungalows have an outdoor seating area, a small kitchen, and simple wooden furniture which provide guests with a pleasant outdoor experience, waking up to the sound of the waves. A mini market, cafeteria, laundry area and leisure area provide all the traditional campground basics needed to have a great time camping.

There is also an excellent surf school in the camping complex, and summer brings several music festivals which attract a lot of young people. In Summer months, unless you’re planning on joining the crowds, find out if any festivals will coincide with your dates since noise levels and partygoers could strain your holidays. Prices range from 45 to 135 Euros per night to stay in a bungalow.

Where to Stay in Ericeira: Hostals

Amar Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Ericeira
by Amar Hostel

11. Amar Hostel and Suits

This charming place is located in a large villa, built in the 1930s. Although it was recently renovated, it remains one of the most charmingly Portuguese places to stay in the village. Its location is excellent, being on the edge of the centre, and it offers bike scooter and surf-board rentals, a coffee-bar, lounge and full kitchen, as well as a lovely garden and terrace. Breakfast (6 Euros) as well as yoga and surf classes are available upon request. Accommodation here can also be booked as part of a surf camp package.

Children are not allowed in the dorm rooms, but the atmosphere here is light and friendly, and families are more than welcome. Since this is an older property, it is not adapted for people with physical disabilities, and also isn’t great for parking since street parking is always a nightmare in the town centre. Rooms here accommodate up to 4 people, and go for between 89 and 125 Euros.

✅ Click here to check availability at Amar Hostel and Suits.

Olive 3 Hostel, a great place to stay in Ericeira
by Olive 3

12. Olive 3 Hostel

This is another traditional home which was transformed into a guesthouse. The special thing about this one is the feeling that you are staying in someone’s family cottage. It is quirky and full of interesting antique furniture, and although it has been renovated, the original charm of a traditional family home by the sea has been encapsulated here to perfection. A large courtyard in the middle of the property houses a garden full of fruit trees, bougainvillea and a pool with a terrace.

Inside, a few living rooms, one of which has a fireplace, and a large tv invites you to put your feet up and relax at the end of a day of beach combing. Here, yoga, surf classes and breakfast or brunch are all on offer. Pets are welcome here, as are children. Family studios house up to 4 people and have a private ensuite bathroom. Prices range from 75 to 175 Euros for a family of 4.

Holiday rentals are the most comfortable places to stay in Ericeira for families.
Ericeira Ocean View Villa

Where to Stay in Ericeira: Holiday rentals and flats in Ericeira

Although hotels and guesthouses are great for holidays, nothing compares with the privacy and space a holiday rental can afford a group as a family. Having a kitchen, as well as private outdoor space and living area really gives a family extra comfort, especially when we travel with extended family or as a larger group. The properties suggested below provide guests with all of this for different-sized groups and often offer the perk of a pool or hot tub. Keep reading for more details.

Ericeira Ocean View Villa is a is the best place to stay in Ericeira

13. Ericeira Ocean View Villa

This is our family home, a beautiful modern home which was renovated in the past 5 years. The sunset and the view here are just spectacular, especially when seen from the Jacuzzi while enjoying a glass of wine. It is located on the South side of the village, a 5-minute walk from the center of the village, as well as from Praia do Sul. We are also situated is out of the village center, so noise is not a problem.

Ericeira Ocean View Villa is an amazing place to stay in Ericeira as a family

This large house is perfect for families since it has 2 large living rooms, 3 suits and 2 bedrooms. The large kitchen and barbecue area are perfect for get-togethers, and the garden gives both kids and adults lots of leg room. All beds are queen-sized, and each guest gets their own bathrobe and beach towel.

Ericeira Ocean View Villa- is one of the best places to stay in Ericeira

The children’s bedroom has a huge library of books and toys and there are all kinds of things like a booster seat, a high chair, a cooler, sun chairs and umbrella. The house basically makes it easy to travel as a family in summer or winter since the heated floors, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces truly make the house comfortable. Street parking is easily available here all year round.

Fire pit at Ericeira Ocean View Villa, one of the best places to stay in Ericeira

Ericeira Ocean View is available for rent all year round and suits groups up to 8 adults and 2 children. Prices range from 350 to 650 Euros per day.

✅ Click here for more information on Ericeira Ocean View Villa.

Ericeira Lovers is a great place to stay in Ericeira
by Ericeira Lovers

14. Ericeira Lovers – Prime Villa

This is a beautiful recently built property with a dozen flats, all on the ground floor with an outdoor space. Some have a private pool, and those that don’t share a communal pool in a luscious green garden seen from the flats. The view here is of the green valley below, and private parking is available for clients. The modern space provided here is comfortable, light, and suits a small family of 4 very well. It is located very centrally, at a 5-minute walk from the village center and a 10-minute walk to the nearest beach, Praia do Sul. It is out of the village center, so noise is not a problem. Each villa accommodates up to 4 people and goes for between 110 to 200 per night.

✅ Click here to check availability at Ericeira Prime Villas.

By Ericeira Luxury Apartment

15. Ericeira Luxury Apartment

Although this flat is further out from the village, the 15 minute walk is worth your while if you’re looking for a nice flat with all the amenities you could want. It has a pool, a barbecue, a full kitchen, a nice wide balcony with both a sea view and a view of the mountains, 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. It is perfect for a family of 4 and is very reasonably priced between 100 and 180 Euros per night with a minimum of 4 nights.

✅ Click here to check availability at Ericeira Luxury Apartment.

Surf Loft open Space is a great place to stay in Ericeira
By Surf Loft Open Space

16. Surf Loft Open Space

This cute loft has an outdoor space, and although is a little further from the centre, is still an excellent option for families with a few kids. It is approximately 15 minutes by foot from the village centre, which means no noise issues. It is located on the North side of the village, closer to the Northern surf beaches, so suits a group of surfers. The simple, yet clean accommodation provides bunk beds, two singles which can be turned into a double, and a foldaway couch. The disadvantage here is the lack of divisions between areas, but when traveling as a family, this isn’t as big a deal. Prices for this studio are quite budget-friendly, and range from 350 to 700 Euros per week, and street parking is fairly easy here.

The Grove II Ericeira Residences is a great place to stay in Ericeira
by The Grove II Ericeira Residences

17. The Grove II Ericeira Residences

This is a newly renovated apartment was done very simply, but with lots of light wood and white walls, which makes it light and airy. The three bedrooms provide guests with 2 double beds, and a set of bunkbeds. The apartment also has a small balcony with can seat 2 people, but nothing more. This property is located in the village centre, but is in a quieter residential part. This means no noise issues, but parking in the village centre can be really difficult. Prices go from 140 to 200 Euros per night.

Apartamento Mar Salgado is an excellent place to stay in Ericeira
by Apartamento Mar Salgado

18. Apartamento Mar Salgado Ericeira

This is a well located, cute flat high up above the village. It is in a 6 story building which has beautiful views all the way down to Sintra. Ideal for families, its 3 bedrooms provide one queen-sized bed, and 4 single beds. This flat is relatively new, and has a balcony with a small table for enjoying the sunset in the evening. Prices range from 125 to 160 Euros per night and houses up to 6 people.

by Villa Ana Margarida

19. Villa Ana Margarida by Nature

This quirky place is slightly out of the village centre, a little North of the village, and is full of interesting things to look at. You can sleep in a funky bunk with black lights, or have lunch on a table made of surf boards! Everything is young, fun, clean and simple. This is a great place for up to 6 guests to enjoy a unique vibe by the sea!

These tiny homes all offer a kitchen and access to an ecological pool, a beautiful garden, a barbecue, a winery and a communal laundry room. One of the perks here is the garage parking. Parking can be so frustrating in Ericeira: it’s fabulous to be able to park and walk into town. Prices range from 70 to 170 with a minimum of 3 nights.

✅ Click here for more information on Villa Ana Margarida.

View over Ericeira village. There are so many properties where guests can stay in Ericeira

Where to Stay in Ericeira 2022: The wrap-up

From the looks of it, there are a variety of choices when it comes to where to stay in Ericeira! It really all depends on your group’s profile and the experience you want to have while visiting. Wherever you choose to stay, I’m sure the sea breeze and salty spray will make your holiday all the more memorable!


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